Boyle Debusk Conservation Easement-A Hidden Gem


The 9.7- acre Boyle Debusk Conservation Easement is an ecologically diverse and scenic natural area located approximately 1.5 miles southwest of downtown Prescott, AZ. The Property was originally acquired by Helen Marie Boyle and Wesley Debusk in the 1950’s. The couple donated the entire property including the family cabin to the City of Prescott in 2002. A conservation easement was conveyed by the City of Prescott in 2003 and is now part of the City’s Public Open Space holdings.


The conservation easement can be accessed via Limberlost Lane and Clubhouse Drive by driving on US Highway 89 (White Spar Road) south from downtown Prescott.


Pine-oak woodland is the prevalent vegetation community across the conservation easement. Contiguous stands of Ponderosa pine (Pinus ponderosa), a common tree species with this community type, provides abundant shade for hikers who wish to avoid summertime heat. Another prominent vegetation community is interior chaparral, which is found on south-facing aspects and higher portions of the conservation easement. An intermittent stream located on the southern portion of the conservation easement provides enough water to support riparian vegetation, including red willow (Salix laevigata), which is a common over story plant. Another notable species, scouring rush horsetail (Equisetum hyemale), dominates areas where soils are permanently saturated.


Several hiking trails meander through the conservation easement, providing recreational opportunities for the surrounding Mountain Club subdivision. A scenic primary trail of moderate difficulty is accessed at the end of Limberlost Lane. It runs southeastward to the southern part of the conservation easement and parallels, in part, a portion of the riparian area.


A new primary trail (Talcott Trailhead) was created by the City of Prescott in July 2013 to direct hikers onto properly designated trails vs. unwanted social trails. It also originates at the end of Limberlost Lane and travels northwestward where it intersects a well-used north to south trail transecting the property. The prominent north to south trailhead is located on the south side of Country Club Dr.


Other trailheads are located on East Hill Circle Dr. (Boyle and East Hill Circle Trailheads) All signed trailheads adjacent the conservation easement have limited parking. The City of Prescott maintains adequate signage at all trailheads and has provided a dog-waste bag station at the Limberlost Trailhead. The driveway accessing the Property and parking adjacent to the Boyle Debusk Cabin is restricted to City of Prescott personnel.


The Boyle Debusk Conservation Easement is a testament of how conservation minded landowners find ways to permanently protect their beloved lands. Enjoy your visit and contact CALT with any questions about conservation easements or open space.


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